Welcome to the Journey Project.

Our community of youth, families, and educators is deeply connected in solidarity and committed to working toward inclusive critical education alongside one another. We are a family network and educational consulting space collaboratively established in 2016 by families and educators working toward more gender justice and equity in our community schools.

We work alongside communities across the country, supporting educators, students, and their families as they shift to transform their school spaces, seeking to become more inclusive, equitable places for all their diverse student body and the families they serve. If you are interested in learning a bit more about our work alongside schools, consider hearing from our founding director, sharing a Tedx Talk here and a podcast conversation here, sharing ideas about trans youth rights, democratic classrooms, and justice in educational spaces.

If you are interested in collaborating with us and committed to working to make your space more equitable and just through inclusive critical education, critical literacy, and humanist practices, contact us to hear about the communities and organizations that we have partnered with. Email us at journey {at} thejourneyproject {dot} us and we can connect about ways to work alongside one another in solidarity, compassion, and action. We cannot wait to hear from you.

Our website has also provided our community with a space to crowdsource the influential and trusted organizations that have guided and supported us alongside our journey with the youth we support, as family members and educators. If you have suggestions of impactful, trustworthy organizations supporting youth in your communities and schools, text resources that have guided you in your journey, or ideas to submit to our community-run blog, The Journey, please email us with your query at journey {at} thejourneyproject {dot} us and we will connect with you.

We grow alongside one another when we share our stories, deepen our hearts to one another’s experiences, and broaden our minds more expansively through awareness, understanding, and action. We welcome you on the journey and look forward to learning alongside you.

The Project