Reflection on Friendship

The Day It All Began: The Story about how me and my best friend struggled to 3rd grade.

One day at school it was a regular day until…the teacher started to move kids desks! Then my name was called out to move! Me and my best friend Liam made sad faces at each other. I knew we were just on different sides of the classroom, but it felt as if we were on different sides of the earth. I was sad also scared.

Liam was Ella before he was Liam. Me and Liam were in kindergarten together. We played and talked. We were friends, very close friends. We were the first friend each other had.

I met Ella. We were both girls. Over the years Ella wore different cloths, and cut her hair. When I was in 2nd grade Liam was still Ella. At the very end Ella desided that she was going to be a boy. He was transgender.

Now I am in 3rd. Ella was called Liam at school now. We sat next to each other because nobody wanted Liam bullied. I was chosen because I was his closest friend. I always thought that they were two different people but Ella was Liam all along. I thought that Ella was my best friend and Liam a stranger. I thought I grew up with Ella but it was Liam all along.

At first I always said, “come Ella.” I got used to calling him Liam. I wondered how Liam was so brave.

When Liam was in 2nd grade he got bullied. Sophie asked, “are you a girl or a boy” and laughed. Ever since then we always whisper to each other when we see Sophie, we worry she will be mean again, but we are nice to her.

We always played, sat, talked, and worked together. We were ready for whenever Liam’s transgender adventure was here. Whenever we think about what happened we eighther laugh or get serious, but we are always there for each other.

A couple of weeks ago we saw a all gender bathroom at school. We ran to our parents and told them. They did not belive us at first but then they got excited. We raced back so quick we felt like we were flying. When we got there Liam’s mom took a photo of it. We all smiled from ear to ear.

I hope that no one will bully transgender kids because they are different, either way you are different too. So give me a hip hip horay for transgender!


Published with permission from the best friend of a young trans child in our advocacy network. All names are pseudonyms and writing appears with all original spelling and punctuation to respect the rights of the young writer.