Loneliness: A Poem

People don’t like me.

I think they don’t like me because other people think I’m a freak and so they might also think that the people that like me might be a freak too.

But how many people think I’m a freak?

Seven million maybe?

Or just two.

It still hurts the same, if it’s seven million or two.

My friends are not playing with me because I’m not a girl anymore.

I’m sad because now I want to become a girl again but I’m a transgender boy.

I told them about me being a transgender boy.

They were okay.

Then they forgot.

Now I have to do a stupid test to get to play in their game.

And now I need help.

I’d don’t know what type of help but I need help.


From everyone.


Published with permission from a young trans child in our advocacy network, in original form to honor the voice and agency of this child.