Welcome to The Journey Project’s Blog, a community space to share writings and reflections related to our lived experiences. An important part of our organization’s mission is to uplift our community’s collective and individual voices, so you will find articles written by both kid writers and adult writers: parents, caregivers, family members, educator advocates, and kid advocates. We welcome your story; we grow stronger when more voices are included. Please contact us at journey {at} thejourneyproject {dot} us if you’d like to submit your story.

In a fiercely protective act, we have chosen to keep any identifying names out of posts, unless otherwise notified by the individual to include them, as we honor our community’s desire to share while holding their gender-expansive and transgender children and youth in a safe space of anonymity. We appreciate your support and understanding and hope through reading reflections on one another’s journey, we expand the compassion already growing in our collective hearts.

The Journey Project Community