About The Journey Project

We are a parent, caregiver, and educator advocacy network for gender expansive and transgender youth, capturing resources and research to share with other families and educators on their own unique path with their child or student through the journey of social transition. As advocates, we want to capture the experiences and resources we find along the way and share them with one another. It’s critical to find relevant and timely information that empowers us as parents, guardians, caregivers, and educators of gender expansive and transgender youth. Every resource, website, book, article, and link we provide on our site has been thoughtfully included for it’s relevance and reputability in our network’s journey.

As you know, proudly traveling the path with our incredible gender expansive and transgender children can often feel like a roller coaster of emotions. Building our connection with one another through a safe, inclusive environment is an essential part of our mission. We welcome email contact if you have suggestions or ideas to share with the community. We will research these and find a place to include your reliable and meaningful resources on the site. Our intent as this network grows, is to become a hub of vetted information that empowers, uplifts, and connects us with one another. We also welcome the community sharing their lived experience with one another. If you would like to share your journey with the community, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to uplift your story to add to the larger dialogue we are co-creating. Our blog is the perfect place for it to live.

We hope you find the resources, links, and ideas on this website to be of support during your journey. Please know we are here for one another, empowering the community to stand on the side of love. Together, we are stronger.

-The Journey Project Founding Director

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